OpenFreezer leaders:
Software Developer:
Marina Olhovsky
Marina received her Honours Bachelor degree in Computer Science from York University. She joined the Pawson laboratory aiming to apply the power of computer technologies to molecular biology and biomedicine. "Computer processing power makes a great difference in its potential to expedite genetic research via sophisticated data warehousing and management tools, such as OpenFreezer," - says Marina. She is jointly pursuing an M.Sc. degree in Computational Biology. She wishes to dedicate OpenFreezer to her mother, Larisa Olhovsky, who lost an untimely battle with cancer in 2006.

Project Manager:
Karen Colwill, PhD
Karen received her PhD from the University of Toronto in Molecular and Medical Genetics. Since then, she has worked in both industry and academia focused on high throughput biology and proteomics. Currently a project manager in the Pawson laboratory, Karen initiated the OpenFreezer project to ensure that resources within the laboratory are accessible and well documented, because 'excel sheets only take you so far'.

Principal Investigator:
Tony Pawson, PhD
Tony Pawson was a Distinguished Investigator at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mt. Sinai Hospital, and a University Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto. He was recognized for his discovery of modular protein domains that mediate specific protein-protein interactions, an activity that provides a fundamental mechanism through which human cells are organized. Tony has supported the OpenFreezer project in recognition that large-scale biology is dependent on rapid and easy access to high volumes of reagents and, as importantly, that laboratories require an efficient and reliable reagent archive.

Tony passed away on August 7, 2013.


Additional OpenFreezer contributors:
  Design and development:

Adrian Pasculescu, John Paul Lee, Rune Linding, Clark Wells, Jin Gyoon Park

  Testing and Feature Suggestions:

Kelly Williton, Anna Yue Dai, Anne-Claude Gingras, Marilyn Goudreault, Kadija Hersi

  Systems and Network Support:

 Naveed Mohammad, Jim Wei, Lawrence Ng


For any questions regarding the website or the software, please contact openfreezer.admin@lunenfeld.ca