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Manuscript authors

Nicole St-Denis
Gagan D. Gupta
Zhen-Yuan Lin
Bratriz Gonzalez-Badillo
Amanda O. Veri
James D.R. Knight
Dushyandi Rajendran
Amber L. Couzens
Ko W. Currie
Johnny M. Tkach
Sally W.T. Cheung
Laurence Pelletier*
Anne-Claude Gingras*

Corresponding authors

Anne-Claude Gingras (
Laurence Pelletier (


We thank Jianping Zhang and Guomin Liu for website design and maintenance, Brett Larsen and Monika Tucholska for expert advice on mass spectrometry experiments, and Marilyn Goudreault, Christine Holley, and Jessica Cuppage for technical assistance. We also thank Fred Robinson, Sylvain Meloche, Antje Gohla, Erich Nigg, and Tak Mak for the kind gift of reagents, Christopher Go for sharing unpublished BioID results for membrane proteins, Benjamin Neel and Wolfgang Peti for helpful discussions and Brian Raught and Jean-Philippe Lambert for critical reading of this manuscript.