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Durocher lab interaction proteomics data
First Author: Various
  This prohits-web project displays interaction proteomics data from the laboratory of Daniel Durocher at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute. To learn more about the Durocher lab, please see our website.

In the inaugural dataset, Ján Tkáč et al. reported the identification of helicase B (HELB) as an physical interaction partner for RPA that that underpins a novel feedback inhibition mechanism that curtails mammalian DNA end resection. The project contains interaction proteomics data for the proteins RPA1, RPA2, RPA3 and HELB.

Our second dataset, by Noordermeer et al., describe the Shieldin complex that comprises members C20orf196 (SHLD1), FAM35A (SHLD2), CTC-534A2.2 (SHLD3) and REV7(MAD2L2). Shieldin is involved in limiting end resection and promotes end-joining. This manuscript is under review.

• Navigate the interactome by selecting "Explore baits" in the left column, and clicking on the blue gene names.

• At the moment, there is no organelle data associated with this project.

• Access the raw files at the MassIVE repository housed at UCSD.